Sunday, June 24, 2012

ISTE Leadership Symposium

There are representatives from all over the world represented at the leadership symposium, representing educational technology.

Michael Fullan is a guest speaker here and I always find interesting to actually hear someone speak after I have read their work. I read Michael Fullan's work during my JHU/ISTE administration certification program. Michael Fullan - Engage Students.

Designing Learning Environments
(Jonathon Bergmann)
  • Engaging - Hands On - Active Classroom
  • Must start with the pedagogy.
  • What is best use of my face-to-face class time?
Flipped Classroom in Elementary School:
  • "B-Ba-Bat"
  • Math Concepts
  • Model reading strategies 
I thought the session was informative but skewed toward flipped classrooms and thought it should have been a more rounded discussion about best practices for designing. Great information about the flipped classroom.


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