Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Band-Aid

My rock star daughter, Bella, loves band-aids. She will receive the smallest boo-boo and is convinced that a band-aid will make it all better. I use to fight her about the need for a band-aid. Here is the normal conversation:

Me: "A band-aid does not relieve pain"
Bella: "My leg hurts"
Me: "It is just a small boo-boo"
Bella: "It hurts"
Me: "What will make it feel better?"
Bella: "A band-aid"
Me: "A band-aid does not relieve pain"

So... you see you redundancy? But what if... I just let her have the band-aid?

There would not be anymore argument or discussions. We would move forward. In the long term, she knows the band-aid cannot stay but for the current time period, she is content.

So, why did I fight my daughter so much about the band-aid? Was it the money? or was it the time to apply the band-aid?

This weekend at Common Ground, I heard an educator discuss the "yes" mind-frame in schools. Just say yes! What would be the worst case scenario? I would be out of band-aids or she would become band-aid dependent?

Either scenario is unrealistic.

I learned:

Even a temporary fix (band-aid) can have a lasting impact because it shows you are listening and you care. So, just say "yes" even to a band-aid.