Monday, February 23, 2015

Guest Moderator for #mdedchat

Tomorrow, I am going to host my first #edchat during the regularly scheduled Maryland Edchat (#mdedchat) Tuesday evening at 8:00pm. I wanted to moderate the edchat in order to help promote two upcoming webinars  focused on "Innovative Professional Learning" and gain insights for my job at MSDE. Sometimes I feel disconnected with schools because I am often in my cubicle planning, preparing, and emailing. I want to overcome this and be part of the solution to help connect schools to each other and with MSDE. I want to further the idea that we are all one work together to improve student growth.

During the #mdedchat tomorrow, the following questions will asked:
(all questions are subject to change and be modified based on discussion, participants and time limts)

  1. What does professional learning mean to you? Is it different than professional development?
  2. Why do you participate in professional learning? 
  3. What does meaningful professional learning look like, sound like, feel like?
  4. What guides professional learning in your school building? What about outside your school building?
  5. How is educator professional learning connected to student growth?
  6. If you could design a professional learning experience with limitless resources, what would it include?
  7. How can MSDE continue to support your professional growth? 

Innovative Professional Learning Models for Schools - Registration: 

Join administrators and teachers from schools in Baltimore County and Carroll County as they share their innovative professional learning model. Discover tools and models to transform one-stop professional development to on-going professional learning in order to meet the needs of educators.
  • Elementary Schools: March 3rd - 4:30 pm presented by Halstead Academy
  • Secondary Schools: March 10th - 3:30 pm presented by Liberty High School

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