Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Laws of Copyright and that F-U-N Shenanigans!

The Laws of Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons

Gaining an understanding of the laws of copyright, fair use, and creative commons is important especially to educators because our motto is "Why reinvent the wheel?" but we always have to give credit to that one person who invented the wheel. 


This video was created to help users understand the ideas of fair use and copyright in a creative way. It demonstrates the idea that you only are able to use 30 seconds of media before you infringe copyright. It also is a great way to revisit your lovely Disney movie memories.

Reading about copyright laws is not necessarily understanding them. Application of copyright laws demonstrates understanding. I read over these copyright scenarios from the University of Missouri: Copyright Scenarios. It helped me to understand the laws.

This "Copyright Chart" created by Tech Learning gives a great summary of the laws and examples. It is a great reference for all teachers.

    Copyright is not always about published items by famous persons. For example, one teacher writes about her kindergarten class - Copyright Kindergarten. Students are addressed about copyright by discussing their own work during class. She discusses how it is important not to copy each others' work because it is not your own.

    Another person from, "Students that Freelance", writes about how her work was stolen from a website she personally created in this article titled "Why no one is invincible to copyright Infringement". Finally, in the article "The New Problem of 'Photonapped' Images Online", the author discusses "the hypocrisy" of large corporations using appropriated photos while fiercely protecting their own intellectual property with strict copyrights.

    These three articles discuss students protecting their own work/media from copyright infringement. I think with students it is important for them to understand that their own is valuable and should be protected. Then when they see other material completed by different people it will help them to understand that, that work needs to be given the proper credit.

    What are your thoughts on students protecting their own work? 

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