Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Learned at MSET

This was my first year attending the MSET Conference that I did not have a classroom to go back to and try things. It was a different perspective but a good one. I felt like I was looking at things from an outside point of view because I heard a lot of stories of/about "students" and I didn't have any to share from this year.

Many ideas I saw made me want to go right back to work so that I could implement them into a classroom. :) But I am enjoying being home with my little ones too much, so I will takes the ideas I saw and share them so that those who are teaching actively can hopefully use them.

Here is a video I created about things that I learned about at MSET (the video is intended for my grad class).

I learned that a meme is a new coined term which describes viral (videos, photos, etc.). There is a webstie called which give you the latest and greatest viral items.

But this site has the top ten memes. I learned what is means to be "rick rolled" and I really enjoyed the Sparta video! :)

Qwiki - type a topic, it finds information about the topic and then reads it to you.

10x10 - 100 words and pictures that define the time by the world’s top news and events.

Vocaroo A very simple online voice recording tool. I am not sure if this works with the county network but it is really simple to use and easy to embed into PBworks.

Here are some other things I thought were great that I didn't include in the video:

I learned all about QR (Quick Response) codes from the Daring Librarian - the information she share can be found on her wiki - DaringLibrianPresents. A QR code look like this:

Using a app (i-nigma) on your phone, scan this code. The code could lead to picture, videos, words, etc. You can create your own QR codes here: There is so potential for using QR coded in the classroom. There are some ideas on DaringLibrianPresents and Cybrary Man's Page.

Mobile Versions of Websites

I learned how you can make your website viewable on mobile phones. It can be done using this website:

Making URL's Shorter

allows you shorten multiple URLs and track internet hits on that site

Online Storage

Dropbox - Virtual Storage Space 2GB - Share resources usin an URL, allows collaboration on docs and folders.

New Tech Resources

EduTecher Lastest and Greatest tech tools with how to videos

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