Monday, June 25, 2012

Learn Now, Lecture Later: New and Emerging Classroom Models

This is my first official at ISTE2012 and it was a last minute choice. I usually do not go to session that are sponsored by a particular company because the information is generally skewed. However, I want to see emerging classroom models and hopefully be able to adapt and apply to my classroom.

There is a panel discussion with superintendents/directors from various districts. During the introduction, one of the gentlemen said, "We do not teach pencils we teach writing, we need to think of technology the same way".

What technology are you using most often in your district?
  • 1:1 laptops/netbooks
    • Students need to own their work and sharing does not allow that. 
  •  Blogs
    •  Encouraging students to write about what they read, increased student finishing books.
 What are teachers doing with the technology?
  • Hand-On projects
  • Groups projects
  • Independent study
  • Distance/virtual learning
  • One-on-one tutoring
How is the shift away from lecturing affecting the way they learn?
  • Students like to use the same resources (cell phones) in school and outside of school. 
  • Student ownership
  • Keep students "plugged in" during school.
What technologies does faculty need?
  • Laptop/netbook
  • Working technology-professional development

 "We do not take our crayons and put them all in one room, there are available in every classroom. That is how computers should be in the school dispersed, throughout, not in a computer lab"
How is technology transforming student learning?

Technology Coaches and Professional Learning Communities - Look at the research. What has been done, what works?

What does the research say?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

ISTE Leadership Symposium

There are representatives from all over the world represented at the leadership symposium, representing educational technology.

Michael Fullan is a guest speaker here and I always find interesting to actually hear someone speak after I have read their work. I read Michael Fullan's work during my JHU/ISTE administration certification program. Michael Fullan - Engage Students.

Designing Learning Environments
(Jonathon Bergmann)
  • Engaging - Hands On - Active Classroom
  • Must start with the pedagogy.
  • What is best use of my face-to-face class time?
Flipped Classroom in Elementary School:
  • "B-Ba-Bat"
  • Math Concepts
  • Model reading strategies 
I thought the session was informative but skewed toward flipped classrooms and thought it should have been a more rounded discussion about best practices for designing. Great information about the flipped classroom.