Thursday, January 1, 2015

Learning Forward in 2015

I recently attended the Learning Forward National Conference in Nashville, TN. It was a fantastic experience from sightseeing to learning and connecting with other educators passionate about professional learning. I went to several sessions about technology, telling my story through writing, and I even presented a session on webinars. While those experiences were great, my biggest take away was self-reflection I did during the conference.

I realized that working in an office setting has made me rely too much on PowerPoint. I used it for meetings, workshops, and presentation of any kind. My colleague to went to a workshop that was presented by the author of "Sit and Get Won't Grow Dendrites". From what she told me about the workshop it was very interactive and demonstrated how you can present without Powerpoint. Based on her insight, I decided to read the book. It had a lot of great ideas and reinforced the fact that I used Powerpoint entirely too much. My first professional resolution for the New Year is to use less Powerpoint. I need to think outside the presentation box. To quote another colleague of mine, "Powerpoint is a great tool when you are planning something last minute. However, if you are planning a head of time and not waiting till last minute, the presentation techniques are endless."

I also reflected on my "PLN". In 2014, I participated in the Maryland Edchat on several occasions, attended my first edCamp, and made more connections online than in previous years. However, I still feel I need to connect more. I need to put forth more effort to connect with other educators in Maryland. I really want to connect with professional learning specialist in other states and build a network. I plan to continue to participate with Maryland Edchat but I want to start a weekly #pdchat. I am not exactly sure how they will happen but I have vision.

Finally, I want to dive into what Personalized Professional Learning looks like and we can further support the idea in Maryland.

Those are my resolutions for 2015, less Powerpoint and more connecting.

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